So I met my boyfriend's family for the first time!

They're super chill and hilarious. I felt so at home and relaxed with them!

It was a pretty big group of us too. His parents, brothers, sisters, brother in law, sisters in laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, grandpa. I thought it would be a quiet meet. Then I walked into a house with 20 people LOL.

Somewhere in the conversation, it turned to siblings and people having babies. And apparently twins run in the family. There were two sets of twins there - and I didnt even know because they were fraternal! On top of which, his mom is a twin, his grandpa was a triplet, his sister is pregnant with twins, and she was a twin (unfortunately they lost her twin - but she is a twin regardless!)

Let me tell you, brief panic hit me. There are a lot of doubles in this family! Haha. Who knows what the future holds?! Probably twins 😅