Hubby irritating me for no reason 😂


Anyone else’s husband infuriating them over the smallest thing? He’s been really sweet about the pregnancy and isn’t really doing much but I have zero tolerance.

He eats noisy/scraping the plate, drinking fizzy drinks and then quietly burping. Earlier he found a photo of me stroking a dog at our friends wedding which looked identical to our dog, he asked me about a dozen questions about this dog and I just wanted to tell him to f** off 😂

I also felt like I wanted to punch him because he was picking stringy bits off a lime and eating them 😂

I also have zero interest in sex as after 2 miscarriages I don’t want to risk anything. He’s even fuelled my POAS addiction and bought more tests.

He’s decided to stay downstairs this evening and i feel bad as he hasn’t done anything really.