Sleeping Next to Bae 😍

Normally when I go to sleep next to my boyfriend it's so good, we cuddle, he keeps me warm and I'm comfy and I go to sleep almost right away, but last night he found out he had work in the morning (4:15am wake up) and went to sleep at about 9 and passed out straight away, I don't normally go to sleep until about 12:30 so I stayed up for a bit but then tried to go to sleep, I was on the side of his bed against the wall and it was possibly the worst sleep I've ever had, he moved all the way over to my side so I was against the wall, then his hand was pushing into my back as I slept and he was snoring (he's sick πŸ˜”) and he hit my leg by accident and made it sore for hours it was so fucking bad until about 1:30am when he woke up and fingered me then he went to sleep normally so I went to sleep but omg has anyone had like a really shit night next to BaeΒ