First scan after a loss...

shasha3 • Mama to a 3 year old toddler 👧🏻 TTC after losing Baby Ezra at 19 weeks in October 2020 and another loss in Jan 2021 💔

According to my periods.. I should be 7 weeks 5 days and went in for a abdominal scan and scan is showing 5 weeks and 5 days. I know I ovulated late in my cycle but can’t help feeling worried after a late loss in October. Can someone assure me things will be ok?

The sonographer’s first words were.. ‘are you sure you are 7 weeks??’ which I thought was very insensitive. 🙄

She offered to do a vaginal scan but I refused... this 3 week wait for my next scan is going to finish me off 😖😖😖😖