My mom needs a place to stay and I strongly doubt my husband will let her stay here

My mom got kicked out of her friends house. She has two days to find somewhere to go and with covid going on I don't want her on the streets especially. My husband will not go for it though because my mom is very openly racist and my step kids live with us full rim and are half black. Step son is 15 step daughter is 11. Before anyone says "How can you still associate with her." I don't agree with my mom's views and the things she says to and about people, but she is my mother who I love. My husband made it clear when she used the hard R word to describe his ex wife who he is still on good terms with that she better not ever ask us for anything if that's how she's gonna talk about people. My husband has been willing to send her small amounts of money when she's needed it and she still needs to pay us back for that but I'm honestly knowing her I'm not expecting it. Living with us though, when his kids are half black, he will not agree with. Is there any advice any of you guys have because I don't want my mom to not have a place to go and I do want my husband to understand that is how she was raised and she does need help.