Pregnancy chances+Endo/PCOS

Hi, I had protected sex with no ejaculation on the last day of my period, then protected sex again with no ejaculation two days after, and once again, protected sex with no ejaculation one day before my fertile window started. NONE OF THE CONDOMS FAILED, we filled them up with water to make sure they worked, and there were no holes or tears.I know my chances are really close to zero since the condoms worked and he didn’t ejaculate.

I also think I suffer from Endometriosis or PCOS, I’m going to the gynaecologist this thursday to figure out what’s wrong (I’ve always had really painful and heavy periods- technically incapacitating). Can someone tell me what are the chances of pregnancy considering what I said and also the chances considering the possibility of me not having Endo/PCOS?