Give me hope.

I guess I can't say I will be a single mom, since we will be living with the father and he will be financially supporting us. But I'm looking for hope... I'm 39 weeks and my husband is set 100% on a separation. Basically a divorce but he doesn't want to go through the divorce stuff yet because he doesn't want to deal with it. This is our first baby... Planned but apparently unwanted by him. I'm unwanted too. To keep it short, we built this life, I followed him taking on a lot of adult responsibilities at a young age. Now we're 22, own a home. He works and is going to school and I'm expecting. He doesn't want me or the baby. He is running in the opposite direction and leaving us where he brought me. I don't have a job, I don't have money. We both agree it isn't fair for me to miss out on the first year of our sons life and for him to be sent off to daycare not long after he's born since we can financially afford for me to stay home. I'm spending the year as a mom and then going to finish a short degree and get a job and start over. Sounds like i have it all planned out but I'm scared to death. He's my everything, I love him more then I could ever explain. I don't know how I can love someone who doesn't want me but this isn't anything new in our relationship. I just want hope things will be okay, either as a family or on my own. I'm scared, I'm mad, I just don't know how to handle this. 
I don't have anywhere to go, my parents home couldn't fit us, and we need to co parent the best we can. Although I have a feeling when I eventually move out he won't have much to do with him. Anyone else gone or going through this.