Would you?

SNJ • Just to keep it blunt and not sound extremely selfish all I want to fulfill my happiness and feel important in this world is to have a baby with my fiancé, but of course I have worthless insides. :`(

Would you press charges on your uncle for pushing you and punching you in the face?

This is what happened....

Well I just am so kind hearted and don't like to get anyone in trouble. I'm 20 and all 5 of my uncles are grown ass men. And my grandmother is very sick and I have been the one helping such as lifting her taking her to and from the bathroom bathing here and wiping her ass. And the other night my uncle Tony got in my face telling me he was going to beat my ass well he didn't of course. And lastnight my grandma had 911 called because her breathing got bad and my uncle Steve came down here and got in my face and threatened me also and spit in my face. Then literally 5 minutes later my uncle tony walks up I'm standing out the door smoking and he walks into me pushing up against me and I said for one you can't go inside with a cigarette and for to get out of my face. He pushed me then punched me in my face so I pushed him back. Then my mom called the cops. But before they got there he walked by my called me a piece of shit and started taking his cloths and shoes off to fight me. And he walks up in my face and pushes me again and that time I pushed back a little and he fell into the house and the cops came here... Am I wrong?? Honestly I don't if I am or not because he's family.