😔😔 so down

I lost my son when he was 2 years old miss you everyday little man :( you are still my world! :( he would have been 4 next month

I had a mc at 12 weeks 5 months ago, I would be coming up close to my due date now rip little one :(

I wish I could feel a sticky baby move inside of me, and be able to rub my stomach and feel a baba, I wish I was being ill all the time.. I'd do absolutely anything to have a baby right now

Feel like I don't seem to deserve this :(

Been TTC for a year and a half, lost my baby 5 months ago now we are trying again.. Baby dust to everyone, I'm over the moon for people that has bfp :) you did it all that work paid off in the end! If you are getting bfn, you WILL have a beautiful little baby in the end, I promise :) keep going and stay strong xxxx