Am I overreacting?

I have been with my boyfriend for quite a while, we've lived together for about a yr and a half. He has 2 children from another marriage and we are almost 15weeks pregnant. He has a Masters degree in nursing, but decided to quit his job almost 5 months ago. He has had several job offers and has turned them down, leaving me to pay for everything! He's home all the time, so one would expect that he would keep the house clean or cook or something, right? Wrong. He does nothing! He gets mad at me when I ask him to do something such as keep his children from breaking my expensive furniture, or lift a heavy box seeing as I am high risk. Am I wrong or overreacting that I just want to leave? I was careful not to get pregnant until I was happy and stable, as I don't want my child having a broken home, but now I don't know what to do other than leave and do this on my own. And when I try talking to him he just gets mad at me and calls me very hurtful things. What option do I have? Please help, ladies!