2 Days Before Period...Crazy Strong Preggo Symptoms?

Lindsay • Hello, everyone! I`m Lindsay, stay at home mom and wife and loving every second of it. Baby girl #2 due October 25th!
Hi all. This is my first post. My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby #2 since I removed my Mirena on September 9th of this year. 
I have extremely sore breasts, a huge change in cravings and appetite, super low energy, and overal just feel very pregnant. 
I took two tests last week, and they were both negative. Chalked it up to being too early and tried again this evening, 2 days before my period. I did the a First Response Gold. One came up negative, the strip inside only had one line. The second one said positive, the strip inside only had one line. 
Any advice/thoughts/suggestions?