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My son is 3 months, just turned 3 months on the 19th and he was born 3 weeks early (37+3) and when he was born they had him on Enfamil NeoPro milk with the blue label because they said he was a preemie and he kept spitting that milk up even out of his nose so she changed it to Similac NeoSure and he was still doing the same thing spitting up and it constantly coming up out of his nose when he spits up to the point he would lose his breath and so she changed him to Gentlease and he is still doing the same thing .. i thought it was acid reflux , she put him on acid reflux medicine, i thought maybe he was lactose i went and bought him the Similac Sensitive milk for Lactose and at this point im tired of switching his milk because he’ll never get use to one so can some one please help me understand as to why he keeps spitting up out his nose and mouth after every feeding damn near. he only consumes 2oz-4oz and if 4oz i burp him at 2oz and still nothing seems to work. Should i just start back breastfeeding ?