Am I irrational? COVID drama


Back story: Hubby & I have a home. My senior parents and his brother live with us. My bro in law has a gf. She comes over 3-4times a week. We don't talk much. I have a 2 month old. I lost my grandma and uncle to COVID

My bro in laws gf recently caught COVID and she stayed home. She's been gone for almost a month. I asked hubby "your bro isn't going to see her on v day right?" He said no I already talked to him. I said okay pls be considerate for my son and my immune compromised parents. Well he saw her v day anyway I guess she's negative now. I said I don't feel comfortable with her coming over till MARCH. Can he respect that. He agreed

Well she was at my house YESTERDAY! like you couldn't wait one more week? And you should've asked first. To me it was a slap in the face. Like who cares what she thinks. I'm suffering with post partum. Extreme worry and anxiety and crying alot. I told hubby have my back and tell him something and so he did and they walked out. I started crying bcuz I don't want to ruin my hubby n bros relationship and I apologized to his bro. His bro tells me I don't get it I see her at work why can't i see her here.. I just feel like shit I feel like no one has my back. I feel like I'm the only one trying to protect my fam. My house my rules. Now it's all awkward