Describe a day that you work to me...

Just curious to see what other people's schedules are on days that they work & how they fit everything in! Here's mine:

5:00am - Wake up, pack my & hubby's lunches, make coffee, take a shower, get dressed for work.

6:00am - Leave for work, drink my coffee on the way.

6:30am - Clock in.

1:30pm - Take a walk on my lunch break (I eat while typing a report or something so I can get outside for a few mins to clear my head).

2:00pm - Clock back in.

7:00pm - Clock out.

7:30pm - Get home, do a load of laundry and start dinner (usually something super easy like grilled cheese and soup).

8:15pm - Leave for my grandma's house.

8:30pm - Change my grandma and get her all ready for bed and make sure she falls asleep okay.

9:30pm - Leave my grandma's house.

9:45pm - Get home, hang the laundry while hubby does the dishes, take a shower, get all ready for bed.

10:30-11pm - Get in the bed! 💤