I have PCOS and cancerous cells on my ovaries which has lead to surgery to remove cysts. When my doctor told me all of this she didn't offer any tips or really any information. She said I should be thankful because most girls would kill to have a period once every six months. I'm constantly hurting and I honestly feel like I'm not a woman anymore. I have almost no sex drive and the hair coming in where it's not appreciated. ? I have the symptoms of premenopause. Hot flashes, ect. I'm only 20 and I'd really like to take control of this. I'm not TTC but one day I'd like to have a family. Weight loss is near impossible. I'm suffering from anxiety and depression. The depression seems to get worse as these symptoms grow. My doctors only advice is birth control to manage my periods, but when I take the pill my periods are even more out of wack and I'm in more pain. I know I should see a different doctor but I can't afford to see anyone else and I've been seeing her since I hit puberty.
​Are there any supplements I can be taking to help with the symptoms? Diet tips?
​I'm willing to try anything.