Is it wrong to feel anger and resentment towards my mom for this? My sister says it is.

At the age of 12 I was sexually assaulted and nearly raped. It went on for weeks and the only thing that stopped it was moving.

Well I was telling my sister about it and I said I was I was angry at our mom because I couldn’t go to her when I needed and wanted to. My sister said it wasn’t her fault I got sexually assaulted and I agree, it wasn’t and I can’t blame her for that, but as a mother you’re supposed to make your child feel safe. You’re supposed to make your child feel safe sharing these things and telling them these things. My mom didn’t do that. My mom always treated me differently from my siblings and that’s something everyone in my family could see and that’s why my dad shielded me from some of her anger as a kid. It constantly felt like she was yelling at me, blaming me for things my siblings did, accusing me of lying. And so I didn’t tell her what happened. I wanted a mother to go to so badly but I was afraid she’d blame me, tell me I was lying, or just get mad at me for it. She didn’t make me feel safe at all. My father did, but it was something I couldn’t talk to with a male.

I can’t lie, it hurt when my sister said I couldn’t be mad at her for that. I get along with my mother now but it’s something I’ll never forgive her for.

But now I wonder if it is wrong for me to be mad at her... what do you think?