First Post - need to know I'm not going loopy

So I'm currently 7DPO

I use OPK's and had a nice healthly peak

Ever since 5dpo on an evening my boobs hurt like crazy, I've also had cramps in lower stomach and mood swings like mad. (sore boobs and mood swings aren't normal for me) plus nauseous during the day. I've spent the last two days pretty much in bed.

Does anyone else just get *that* feeing that this month is the one and even way before it's possible to test, you just know. It also helps its my birthday on Thursday so I'm feeling extra special towards the March cycle

--all of the above is different to my previous cycles, I don't know I just feel different. --

Also when should I test??

We've been trying for 11 months and I'm a bugger for testing early. I'm due on 12/03 so kinda want to test on 11/03 (my birthday) but fear it would ruin my day if it came up negative