Weird Nipples... pregnancy or something else?


So for the last three-ish weeks, my nipples have been enlarged. I have PCOS and am on birth control. I missed one day, by about twelve hours at the end of my period last month. But I’ve been having this weird symptom; my nipples have been large and in charge the whole month. My boobs seem biggerish, I feel like the odds of me being pregnant are really so, so low. But my nipples have been hard, and averse to any form of touch. They’re poking thru my bra and shirt even. I know that only a test will tell me if I’m positive, but am I insane for wondering? Or does anyone else have hard nipples for prolonged times? I feel like I’ve just given up on them going back to what used to be normal. What do you think? I just don’t have anyone to talk to-