Alexis • TTC Baby #1💜

Hello everybody!! I am 20 years old, my boyfriend is 21. We are TTC for our 1st baby 💜 I take prenatal’s everyday, I also take ConceiveEasy supplements every night at dinner. I do the ovulation tests as well. But I’m curious to know if there’s any other tips to help us get pregnant ASAP? We get disappointed every time AF shows up or we get a negative test. In June it will be our 5 year anniversary❤️ We are hoping to get pregnant within a few months but everybody’s different. I had the Nexaplanon implant for 3 years. I had it removed December 9th 2020, and we decided to start trying January 9th 2021 (we waited till my first cycle to return) so I’m currently going through my 3rd cycle of AF. I RARELY had my period while on the BC but it seems to be back to normal😊 sorry for the long post but I thought I’d share my information with you beautiful people💜 so if anybody has any tips , I’d love to hear them🥰 also, please no negative comments.

Sending baby dust✨ to all of you TTC as well 💜