30 Weeks


I’ve managed to make it to 30 weeks with these babies. It’s SO crazy they already have little personalities 😭 Ayden(Baby C) is EXACTLY like his older brother was when I was pregnant with him. So I just know he’s going to be just as crazy😭 Amarah(Baby B) is pretty chill, she gets a little irritated sometimes when they put those straps on us during the NST but for the most part her movements are chill. She’s the one always moving around her arms and legs. Amiyah(Baby A) is clearly VERY over dramatic like me 😅 she use to be nice but she’s fed up at this point and she’s just acting io every time they try to monitor her 😂

We don’t know how much longer they’ll stay in as triplets normally try to come around 30-32 weeks. So we will see what these next two weeks bring us! 🙀

I’m so excited I can’t wait to meet our sweet babies 😭