Would it be rude of me to say anything?

Almost a year ago, my aunt and her husband split up around the same time my husband and I split. Neither of us could afford a place on our own, so we rented a house together. It’s the two of us and my daughter. My aunt and I split all bills equally. It’s an older house so the doors and floorboards are super squeaky.

My aunt recently got a new boyfriend, and for the past month or so, she’s been staying up basically all night talking on the phone. Our bedrooms are right next to each other, and since it’s such an old house and the walls are so thin, I can hear everything. As I type this (at 3am 😑) I can hear word for word everything being said. I even have a fan going for white noise, it doesn’t help much. If she isn’t talking on the phone, she’s stomping through the house loudly. She doesn’t know how to be quiet. I’ve even mentioned to her before that I can hear her at night. I just casually slipped it into the conversation that she was up super late and that I knew because I heard her on the phone.

And on my days off work when I can actually sleep in, she’s stomping through the house starting at 7am even though she was up all night. I’m lucky if I get three hours of sleep a night anymore. I’m going CRAZY. But I feel like I shouldn’t say anything since this is her house too. I don’t want her to feel like I’m giving her rules in her own home.

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