Becoming a mum to two

I am 1 month in to a Mum gig with a newborn and 2 year old. The newborn is relatively easy to look after (not including sleep deprivation), however my 2 year old has become quite difficult to manage. I’ve found myself becoming frustrated with her when she repeatedly tried to do things that are wrong (e.g poke mine or her brother in the eyes and ears, standing dangerously on furniture, destroying things etc) - she is acting out and perhaps trying to get attention.... you kind of get the picture. I’m just struggling to multi task and after the 20th time of having my eyes poked today, I am getting snappy and I ended up walking out the room with her crying on the other side for me to come back. I guess it was a sort of time out for 2 min... I’ve never done anything like that before. I realise that I’m struggling and hate to admit that I’m hanging at the end of my tether and I feel like a very crappy Mummy to my 2 year old. Our bond has changed since her sibling arrived and I’m grieving the feelings that I used to have, instead of all this nonsense and inpatients. She has been adjusted well to her new sibling overall m, and I’ve been carving out one to one time with her as much as I can every day, but she acts out by causing harm and thinks it’s funny (she didn’t do this before her sibling joined us).

Just looking for some advice 😓

Thank you for the comments. I know it’s rough right now, especially with COVID stay at home rules... etc. My husband isn’t very support, saying that I need patience and frowning down on me. So I feel pretty rubbish most of the time at the moment.