We are tired

I don’t even know where to start but my husband and I are tired. We have been at our church for 15 years. We met there, got married there and had great experiences. It was our happy place. Now it’s not. We have endured a lot but we always stayed because we loved the Lord. A lot of things have changed. The church is mostly run by the pastors son. He takes control and micromanages everything. He is a horrible leader and doesn’t practice what he preaches. My husband and I do everything. We set up every day. We are expected to be there 1.5 hours early to set up. Actually everyone that is serving is expected to get there early to set up. Everyone gets there late, including the pastors son and his family. They constantly mentally and emotionally abuse us. Some days they treat us like complete crap and other days we are the best thing that ever happened to them. We see right thru them now. We wanted to take a vacation recently because we were drained from work and from church really. We asked for Sunday off. We were on our trip when we got a call and multiple messages from the Pastor saying we had to be there Sunday because it was going to be a special service and we were going to be honored. We hurried home and cut our trip short (we We’re going to stay until Monday). When we got to service it was not special. We were not honored in any way. When we told the pastor he told us he had forgot to tell us that he moved the day of the special service. Anytime we try to say something about how we are treated we get it thrown in the face that we were once helped so much by the church (which is true). We are tired of being mistreated. Church isn’t a joyful place anymore. When the pastor preaches he gives “examples” of situations. He basically talks bad about people’s lives and we’re such a small church that we know exactly who he is talking about. I just had to rant about the place that’s suppose to bring us joy and closer to God is just making us bitter.