Is this narcissistic behaviour?

I'll just write a list of some examples he does:

1. He turns the Internet power off if he thinks my son (not his biological child) is playing too loudly with his friends online. *this happens around 6pm in the evening, my son is 10 and likes to play computer games online with his friends-just like any other 10 year old boy* but he does it with bitterness, like as if he's loving the control he has over the house.

2. If I ask him to turn the Internet back on so I can do my uni assignments on my computer he tells me to fuckoff and leave his house.

3. He seems uninterested in anything with regards to my life, hobbies or interests. If I talk about the honours degree I'm aiming to achieve, he switches off.

4. He will only hold a decent conversation if that conversation is all about him, or his beliefs.

5. His moods switch in seconds, he can be nice and normal, and then in a split second he can change and become horrible for no apparent reason.

There are a lot more points to this but at the top of my head this is basically my everyday life. Always walking on eggshells incase I put him in a bad mood.