Is something there? Depression meds might have affected my birth control

Okay so back story me and my husband have 2 kids, and after our second one I got on a new birth control I been on it for about 9 months now. A couple of weeks ago I started on a new anti depression medicine and that night me and my husband had sex tmi. For some odd reason I have been feeling overly emotional ( crying over literally everything) super irritated, bloated, and fatigued. I thought it was my new medicine just getting into my system but it’s been a while now and I feel as if it’s getting worst. I have been on anti depression meds for a few years now and the only time I felt like this is when I was pregnant with my girls. Also I believe in “signs” and the other day my 3 year old said “mommy is a baby in your belly” (we don’t ever talk about babies being in peoples belly’s , so it was extremely strange” and that same night I cracked an egg while baking a cake for my kids and it had a double yolk in it. Apparently that’s a sign of pregnancy. I’m supposed to start my period this Sunday so I know it’s early to test but I just wanted a piece of mind, I haven’t even told my husband that I took a test because I thought I was crazy for even wanting to take one. So ladies, is it just me or is there a super faint 2nd line?... currently freaking out lol