Would you judge a man who was raising a child he “believed” to be his for 5 years, if he left after a dna test proved he wasn’t the biological dad? Read below first

This is my brothers situation. His girlfriend made it seem like the baby was his all this time. The child looks nothing like him at all. He never signed the birth certificate or was on child support but he always provided financially. He said he never felt a connection so he had moved out but would get the child every other weekend. Anyways a man hit me up and said that the baby was his and he’s been paying child support which was weird. I told my brother and he got a dna test and sure enough he wasn’t the dad. The mother kept this secret from him. Now is judging him because he wants to move and not have dealings with neither him or the child. I don’t believe he’s wrong. His heart is broken because he’s been lied to

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