Let’s talk about Life

Letters to Juliet

I’m now 27, still single since I was 25, no kids, and now no car. All I seem to be focused on is work and trying to advance in the healthcare field so that I can get my life back on track. With the pandemic going on it’s been even harder to try to make more friends, even more so that I don’t do social media anymore (long story as to why but we aren’t here to talk about that.)

Im making some steps to start working on the areas that I need to work on but can’t seem to find people that stick around. It almost feels like I’m in this constant loop hole that I can’t seem to get out of. The choices I have made in the past were not good ones which has caused me to be in this hole. It’s scary to me that while I’m standing here stuck and feeling uneasy about the future, everyone else seems to be flying ahead of me without even trying (granted there was obviously some effort otherwise work wouldn’t be called work.

I try my very hardest not to compare myself to other people because I know it isn’t a race and everyone is on their own path. I often wonder if other people are feeling this way too and maybe we could start a discussion about it and try to help each other with encouragement/ advice. I think it would be great to have a community like that where we all have the same similarities.