Emotional Manipulation?

Hey y’all. I have a quick question about something really frustrating that my bf said. So my bf and I are long distance but we see each other about once or twice a month. When we are apart, I feel like he’s treating me like one of his friends. We’ve been together two and a half years and are both 18. So when I shared with him how I feel, he said that I was wrong and that he was thinking about calling me to talk about our day but now doesn’t want to because I brought up how I was feeling. He also mentioned that he doesn’t really care how I feel because I’m apparently his friend now and he doesn’t care what his friends think. I’m extremely confused because I didn’t call myself his friend, I just said I felt like I was being treated like one. Is this some form of manipulation or is he just being immature? Any opinions are appreciated! Even if y’all believe I’m in the wrong here lol