Am I wrong ?

My boyfriend thinks I’m evil for not wanting to share a car with him , he’s 30 I’m 20 & I told him it’s important we have our own car he said we can share one and split the expenses , but like I don’t want that? I want something I can CALL MINE. When we first met his car was running good and he use to take me where I needed to go . Year later his car was still great and I got me a car , soon as I got my car he started driving my car all the time ( i work from home ) & then his car messed up & now he no longer has his car so pretty much we only have the one car... and it’s hard because sometimes I need to run errands early morning & realize he has my car , or I have to Uber eats & that is expensive.. so okay taxes are coming up soon and we about to get our refund so I’m deciding to upgrade to me a newer car and he wants to share and I told him I wanted my own car.. he said I’m evil.. should I feel bad? Am I wrong ? I got a car last year because having the one car wasn’t enough , just for us to end up same place .