Sleep related issues- advice please!!


Hi mommies!! My son is 15 months old and he has not been sleeping well during the nights for almost a month now. Naps are better. Multiple reasons I can think of:

1. He is hungry, I give him a bottle and goes back to sleep and again wakes up in a couple of hours and same repeats. ( I know I have to get rid of the bottle - ped also said the same - I want to, I m working on it)

2. He is used to having bottle to go back to sleep. Ped said this may be the reason, but I doubt it, because why would he wake up every couple of hours in the first place? Bottle comes into picture when he wants to go back to sleep, but he is waking up right? I think he may be hungry and that’s why he wakes up and can’t go back to sleep until he gets the bottle ( both calories and the bottle itself to let him go back to sleep).

3. I’m also thinking it may be because of the diapers. I currently use huggies little snugglers size 3 and I have never used another brand on him until now. A couple of times it leaked but most of the times I noticed it becomes soooo wet and that may be waking him up.

4. His molars are coming out, this could be the reason, but I want to rule out all the above before I give it up to the nature to wait it out.

I cosleep with him and when he wakes up after I give him the bottle or without the bottle he sleeps on our shoulders, but the moment I put him down he wakes up if he hasn’t had the bottle. If he already had the bottle he would go back to sleep.

Thank you for reading until now, but I really need help from you mommies.

1. Can you suggest any high calorie foods/recipes especially before bedtime I can give to him (any vegetarian and chicken & fish related only)??

2. Also any recommendations on overnight diapers? Do these also get and feel wet for him ( I m not much concerned about the leaks but I want him to feel comfortable and dry during the nights). Do I need to buy same size as daytime diapers or one size bigger?

Also I am not really inclined towards sleep-training that involves a lot of tears.

He was sleeping well actually before his 12 month vaccinations, but since then we are facing these sleepless nights especially from a month it’s very difficult. We both work from home and I’m actually getting only 3-4 hours of proper sleep everyday and on top of this, I am due for another baby in July😄😄

Sorry it’s a long post but I have been waiting to see if this will fix by itself, but no. So I need your valuable advice and recommendations ladies!! Thanks in advance!