What can you do (besides flea bomb) for a bad flea infestation

It’s very bad. For weeks and weeks. I tried the vet medicine. It didn’t work at all. So had to wait a month and they got worse and worse. (In the meantime was and still am vacuuming multiple times a day , washing bedding every 2 days, and giving dogs baths)

We got flea med from petco which seemed like it instantly worked. For a week after giving it I saw no fleas and everything felt so much better since I was literally on the verge of a mental breakdown of dealing with it for almost 2 months at that point. Now it’s been maybe a week and a half since the medicine and they are back. Just as bad. Idk how. We have no yard. It’s just a cement patio so it’s not from the grass or something. Am I bad mom. Can I lose my baby over this. I am 20 weeks pregnant now and have a 1 year ago . She is covered in bites. All over her back and chest. It makes me cry. I feel terrible. (Flea bombing is not possible, we have. No money at the moment , we are trying to find a new house since our lease is up in a few weeks , and also no where to go even if we had the money to get the flea bomb we are home all day)

What can I do that is natural? Please help. I really don’t have any money to spend at this moment. I know dawn dish soap works good when we bathe the dogs , is there anything I can do with that? Also. I am doing a deep clean today and wiping down everything so hopefully this helps. We have lots of clothes in the dirty laundry can that be why they are still around? We have a tiny washer and really no where to put clothes away at the moment so I can’t wash them all until we move out of this tiny apartment. Can I just put them all in bags and put In garage ??