Early Miscarriage 🌈 sharing my story!

Sam • 🇮🇪 Wife, 🌈 My Rainbow baby 🌈

Myself and my husband have been trying since September 2020,

I found out I was pregnant 15th January. 1st February I had a MISCARRIAGE.

I was 6 weeks! 🌈

I didn’t feel any pain or any cramps. I had an scan the next morning and OB said I am after having a full complete MC. It was the most horrible time of my life.

2 days later my grandfather-in-law passes away from COVID-19 so can imagine how bad it was for us.

Now I had my period last month and this is my first cycle back and just got my peak as I am ovulating tomorrow.

And I gave this to my husband as a present!

Waiting for my rainbow baby 🌈🤞🏽