Destiny • 5 yrs Ttc with rainbow baby#1 Endovictim 👼🏻

So I (baby danced) the day before yesterday and I worked yesterday I was very active at work. Just before I got off work I wiped an saw a tiny bit of light pink. When I got home I was so scared because I had a chemical pregnancy last year. Blood was my first sign. I did a sweep around my cervix and wiped it on the toilet paper just to make sure it wasn’t getting any darker. And I ended up scaring myself so much I had to go to sleep for the night. I called my ob and I’m waiting for them to open and call me back. But so far today I wiped and now there is no color. I’m just scared sick. And my stomach feels just a tiny bit crampy when I push on it. Is this normal? Is baby just growing my uterus. I’ll upload a picture so you guys can see. But I just need a clear head and some reassurance. Thank you!