Boyfriend problem!

So the past summer my boyfriend and I have been inseperable. He is now renting a house with 3 of his friends and now he'a decided he wants to take a break bc he's stressed from the house and work and family problems- which I'm understanding about. Now we barely talk... But when we see eachother everythings okay he just holds back on kissing me. He'll touch me and rub my legs and things like that but no kisses. He seems perfectly but wont talk to me wveryday like uausal and it hurts :( I want to stand by him and givehim the   space he needs but its so hard! I understand he needs space but what I don't understand is how easy it is for him to just not talk to me for days at a time :( Has anyone gone through this type of situation before? He's almost 22 and I'm 18. He's not cheating I know that for sure and all his friends tell me they can see how much he loves me when we're together and they all believe we ahould be together. What should I do? Advice from anyone would be helpful! Thanks so much!!