CD33, D5 of BFN and D9 of my losing my mind - anyone have any insight??

Penla • -Penny

Right so . . . I am 38 and my cycle is very regularly between 23 and 28 days. It’s a big window - but AF always comes! Last month I had a very random 30 day cycle, probably irrelevant but it was an outlier cycle time for me.

I have tried to not pay such close attention to ovulation because it is giving me anxiety. So I don’t know my DPO.

On CD18, 19, 20 I had dark spotting. Figured it was implantation bleeding (yay!) Jk- not yay.

BC NOW I am on CD33, my period is between 1-7 days late, no AF, many days of BFN’s, my boobs HURRRRT - like, don’t even look at them. I had a side stitch for the last few days, and a really sore upper/lower back for the last week. Random headaches on CD22 and 23.

Am I just drying up over here? 5 days ago I was saying “I don’t need a pregnancy test to tell me I am pregnant bc I am 100% pregnant” and now I just feel 100% insane and neurotic.

Could I be pregnant? Or is my body just having a rebellious moment?