I can’t believe I’m writing this

Savana • 🦋ċĿọṡє ʏọȗŗ єʏєṡ, ọƿєṅ ʏọȗŗ ṃıṅԀ ॐ🦋

I haven’t told anyone. I just feel so overwhelmed and trying to be so strong for my son. Last week we became homeless. One text from my grandma to get out immediately. No warning or anything. Turns out she wants my uncle to move in instead. We are staying with my sons fathers mom. I appreciate her taking us in but I’m well aware she doesn’t want us here for long. Not because she doesn’t care for us but just because she wants her space and I understand. I’ve been trying to sell all our belongings to save up for a place. We are in San Diego and the market is insane especially during summer. I don’t make that much since I take care of my son 24/7. I have saved up for 4.5 months of bills and $3,200 for a future home but that’s it. I don’t know if I should sell our beds and other big items or if I should pay $400+ for a storage unit. I’m at a loss. But I put a happy smile on for my son. If anyone has ideas please let me know. I even put out an ad to sell my breastmilk to moms in need since I’m still breastfeeding.

I just want a better life for my Río than I did and I feel like I’m failing. Last night I had horrible nightmares of sleeping on the street with my son. I just need to get through this time 😩