I got Covid with a 7 week old - Does it affect milk supply?


Hi Momma’s! I tested positive for Covid a week a ago. I've been in isolation at home with my husband who is also positive. We live in Florida and he manages a restaurant so that's how we were exposed. Baby girl is ok however she is congested and fussier than usual. I recently noticed her feeding patterns have changed she's doing like 4 mins every hour instead of 10-15 mins every 3 hours. She woke up screaming 10 mins after I fed her and put her to sleep a couple nights ago so I went with my instincts and bottle fed her some stored breast milk I had backed up for emergencies. She gobbled it all up and slept through the night waking up once at 3am for a snack feed. I wanted to see if I had any milk today so we bottle fed her again at lunch and I pumped. I got 6oz in total which was surprisingly great. I don't know if it's because she is congested or I don't have enough milk. My boobs feel a lot lighter at the end of the day like they are empty. Any other mommas out there that experienced this?