how can i be less addicted to social media

I feel like social media consumes my life & I cant stay away from it...

Im always trying to make my profiles look good, make my life look exciting, but what for?? Who am I trying to impress? Nobody... its just posting and making my life seem good makes me feel good like im bot a loser not forgotten about. Im a super shy person, hardly have any real friends due to being social awkward and shy.. I really want people to see im not lame or boring wish they would’ve wanted to hang out with me.. but half my social media “friends” i havemt saw pr spoken to since high school years ago, and i wouldnt want to be friends now.. idk why i want to impress people now.. like why? what is the point?

Everytime I go out Im focused on getting good photos to post rather than having a good time.

How can i remove myself from social media? I like keeping up with these people though for some reason i will never know.