Any Moms Spend a Day in Jail?

I’m a single mom of 4 boys; I’m educated and I work as a paralegal for a prestige office.

I met a man and after a year was engaged. Slowly I started to pull away because i could see that he sent his two kids back to sourh with mom because he was not all there emotionally. However , He was so sweet and thoughtful but very jealous, possessive and maybe a little depressed and bi-polar. He drink a lot! So much that he would verbally abuse me through text. I tried to deal with it but then his lexPro turned to amphetamines/ addAral, then another med for anxiety, then he started Cannabis and it just became a lot.

I suggested we take it slower and start learning more about each other as friends. He freaked out saying a lot of stupid things and was sad. I went to the house that he was moving out of because we were planning to move in but when I got there he was drunk again, we’ll sort of, and doing other things like tarot cards? Not a big deal but he got upset started yelling at me and I refused to leave because he was taking the meds while drinking. I was only trying to help. He grabbed me trying to push me down stairs, but I fought back but eventually I left. Later after I was home the police picked me up and took me away from my 4 children.

I was told he had a scratch on arm and neck and I was charge for simple assault. They took me to hospital in cuffs( I was so embarrassed) to check me. Later I spent a day in jail (Easter) and half of the next day! It was 2 months ago but I’m so embarrassed

I want to cry. I was there for not the right reason. I feel like a criminal. I feel bad. My kids are 12,10,5,2 and I feel like I failed at something as though my life is messy now.

Anyone go through something similar? I’m trying to cope even though it was the past. I was in a green suite in a jail locked up straight for 23 hours! 1 hour to eat dog food! When I got home this man has not stop harassing me even though the judge put protection order on me not to talk to him, but I needed it for me ! Every other day he texted

me begging me back saying sorry. And saying that He didn’t know they’ll take me away, etc etc. Eventually because I didn’t respond the texts became violent of him him calling me names etc. I just feel a mess. I’m more concerned what being in jail will do to me. That was the lowest time of my life. I did block him but he started texting me from other numbers. I have not heard from him for 2 weeks now although it happened 2 months ago. We still have court in July. Any advice or encouraging stories will help. Thank you.