can i conceive easy?


my boyfriend and i suddenly got pregnant 3 months ago, it wasn’t planned but since we’d talked about always wanting a baby, we were okay with having one! we got excited and started planning, sadly we had a miscarriage last month. and since then have talked about ‘trying’ for a baby. i have never tracked my cycle using OPK’s but i started to this cycle! i got pregnant from sex one time, that month on the right day. since i got pregnant easily on my ovulation with 1 session, could i get pregnant again that easily? i’m only asking because i tracked my cycle and tbh i’m not trying to drive myself crazy because i know if we baby dance multiple times and i track’ll hurt a lot more if i’m not pregnant this cycle. with that being said, we baby danced a few days before my opk’s were positive! and then the day i ovulated, will that affect anything? or did i ruin it? we baby danced the a row multiple times then had a break and baby danced the 30th! (pm). are my chances of getting pregnant high? or lower since we only technically did it once while i was ovulating? my CM was also not as watery as it normally is, will that affect anything? sorry i’m asking so many questions. I was having a lot of CM that day but it was more of thin liquid, nothing ‘slimy’💀 thx so much! 💞💞💞 (PS my cycle is very long because i experienced the miscarriage only last month!)