Am I straight? Or queer? Or something else?

I’m straight I think I have a boyfriend but I also enjoy looking at girls body’s and am attracted to them but I don’t think I would ever have sex with a girl. I hate having sex it hurts it’s uncomfortable and it’s not pleasant at all for me and I can only have an orgasm is my boyfriend is eating me out or using his hands. That’s the only think I like I feel so weird and have my whole life. I’m extremely attracted to guys but I don’t want to have sex it really hurts I only like oral, am I straight? I don’t know what to think about myself I don’t wanna say I’m bi because even though I am attracted to girls I would never eat another girl out or anything. I do enjoy my boyfriends penis as long as it’s not in me. I don’t know I just feel like I’m the only one like this. I’m not asexual because i love oral I’m just not sure about myself (I also wanted to say I have vaginismus which is why it hurts me) but even when I had stretched myself out and it didn’t hurt anymore it still didn’t feel good. I guess I’m not a very sexual person anyway because I could live without it honestly