Weight in Pregnancy

Annika • 👼🏼👼🏼👼🏻🤰🏼🌈

Has anyone been able to find a chart that shows how much weight should have been gained by each point in pregnancy? I’m 14+1 and have a bump for sure but have hardly gained weight at all. This is my second pregnancy and my first was with twins 7 1/2 years ago so I can’t really compare the two 😂 I know that’s something lots of people would love to have an issue with, but I’m just nervous that I’m not gaining enough. I was hoping to see a chart or something to let me know I’m where I should be. I’ve gained 700g (like 1.5 pounds). My twins were stillborn late in my pregnancy last time I was pregnant so naturally I have some worries about whether or not everything is okay this time around (although bub is measuring PERFECTLY with my dates and is a happy little wiggler)