They're actually getting along!

Okay so I actually have a POSITIVE update on my 17&18 year old. They were grounded this summer for bullying their foster brother and got in even more trouble when they got bored and started playing bloody knuckles and my 17 year old broke his knuckle. You parents probably know when it gets too quiet... Something isn't right. I was actually laying next to my husband and said "It's too quiet..." I check on my boys, they aren't in their room. Foster son isn't in his room. I was literally thinking "What is this🤨?" I go into the backyard and all three boys are hammering wood into a tree. I asked what's going on and my 17 year old said "Well you grounded us, and won't let us punch each other, so we're building a tree house." I look at their "tree house" and said "That looks incredibly unsafe and my 18 year old said "Nothing a little duct tape can't fix." My foster son is sitting on one of the tree branches with the Elmo his mother had given him when he was little and was telling them that he's pretty sure this whole thing will collapse if they stand on it and my 18 year old just threw him some duct tape🤣. I understand they're supposed to be grounded buy honestly, they were all getting along so well I just let them be. They eventually gave up and all went to watch Game of Thrones. I'm just happy they're treating him better!