Covid Vaccine Dose 2

K- 👶👶💗💙

Hi ladies,

A month ago I posted about my experience with the first round of the Covid vaccine (Moderna). All I had was a sore arm and I had my vaccine at 32+5.

Yesterday, I had dose 2 of Moderna at 36+5. So far my only side effect is a sore arm, but less sore than last time ☺️

Baby is just as active and seems happy in his "studio apartment". ❤️

The vaccine itself didn't hurt either time, and the tech said that the needle is super thin.

I stayed hydrated with lots of water and electrolytes (Gatorade).

This post isn't meant to push the idea to "Get vaccinated against Covid". That's a personal choice for all mamas. I'm just sharing my experience in case anyone wanted to know about other pregnant women's experiences with the vaccine in case they are considering getting it for themselves.