Formula feeding guilt

Hi moms,

Wanted some reassurance. So i really wanted to breastfeed my baby bc of all the benefits it has over formula feeding but in the 2nd week pp my milk supply started getting low. My doc told me to wait for a few days and exclusively give him breastfeed. She prescribed hi-lacta (herbal morinaga tablets) which i took two tablets a day. So for around 3 days my supply got enough for him and he would get full but after that it started getting low and he would cry all the time bc he was hungry.

Everyone around me was like dont give him formula, he’ll get used to it but i decided formula and a full tummy are better than breastfeed and starved. So i gave him formula on the 3rd or 4th day of taking the tablets. I thought i and the baby had waited enough for my milk and he needed to be supplemented with formula bc he was not getting enough. I also breastfed him but a little less now - maybe 3 times a day bc he would get fussy for not being able to have enough. I pumped a few times too but I couldn’t even get half an ounce. Eventually i breastfed him less often and it started getting completely dry. Now he is exclusively formula fed

My husband a few days back said that i did not put much effort in feeding him and that i chose convenience over my baby. I feel bad bc i wanted to breastfeed him but I couldn’t help it. I don’t care about what my husband has to say but i feel guilty. Every time he falls ill i feel guilty for not breastfeeding him and building a stronger immunity for him. People said that my milk supply would get better but i had waited and it wasnt getting any better instead it was getting drier and dried out completely when i stopped feeding him. Does that count as my mistake?