It doesn't happen straight away!

Mollie • New to glow, so hi :) Planning for a baby in next few years with my wonderful partner.
My partner said this morning how he wants to start really TTC in the January 4 years from now. Thing is, I think he feels in his mind that that means we will have a baby that same year. Especially with health problem on my end which could potentially effect our fertility seriously. 
​When mentioned to him, he is supportive with 'We will do everything we can for this', 'We can just prepare more', 'There are always other options for us if it doesn't work out' etc.. But I can't help but think that inside he is confident it will work within a month or so. 
​If it was certain we would become pregnant then on our first try, I would feel more positive about it... But the 4 years, THEN potentially the however many more TTC is a daunting (and actually quite saddening) thought.