Man I met this guy online 7 months ago. Felt like we had a great connection. We started flirting and simping each other but something happened that I did that made it mess up. But he also was falling in love with another female. When I told him how I felt all he said was “I’m emotionally unavailable”.. the moment I realized he started being so into her I was so devastated. I spent a few months feeling bad about myself. But then slowly I was getting better but then something happened between him and the girl he fell in love with. He came back and started talking to me. Thru all of that we started being sexual. I feel like my feelings were taken for granted although he had already told me he didn’t like me. Now that he says he is over the girl he fell in love with I see him flirting with this other female. I am jealous because I really wish that was me. I’ve been there for him through a difficult time and he was there for me when I was in a difficult time. It pisses me off so badly when he flirts and gives attention to her. When he would do that with me. I guess all he wanted from me was sexual stuff and he got it so now he just stopped caring iguess. I know I shouldn’t be upset and stuff because we can’t dictate who to have feelings for. I really wish I couldn’t have gotten so deep into my feelings for him. I care for him so much and actually value him while the girl he fell in love with was just using him and is going to get married to another man. He always wants to interact with this new girl and has even giving her his accounts and other things. While I tried to play video games with him he just ignores it while he keeps asking the other girl. I really needed to vent that it’s driving me crazy. I know it shouldn’t. Jealousy isn’t a good thing. But I really felt like he was worth it. I hate myself for letting his actions have power over my emotions. I was doing so well those months we weren’t really talking. But now we are back at square one. I just want to get over these emotions and be friends like he keeps telling me. I’m a great friend. This and this friend. Maybe one day I’ll get out the friend zone. I can’t even tell him how I feel about this because im scared that it’ll just push him away even though I’m already doing that myself. UGHHHHH. why must I have a huge heart.