Speach Therapy


My first question would be is the speech therapy program free that they use to promote talking? My daughter got behind during the pandemic with her appointments and doesn't have her two year check up until September, and I think I want to call and see if they will enroll her. I know that at her last appointment they thought she was doing great but I think she is behind. For example she still babbles a lot which worries me whenever I see a lot of these videos of two year olds saying full sentences online, she will have her days where she says three word sentences like "here you go" but I don't think she is saying enough words compared to these other children, and it worries me. Does anyone have any advice? Should I call the doctor and ask them about enrolling her, or should I wait until September and work with her more at home? I know she is smart because she understands so much she just doesn't say anything verbally unless she wants to.