Enoxaparin allergy?


I had a FET last week and the only change to this FET was adding 81mg aspirin and 40mg enoxaparin daily. I started enoxaparin on the day of transfer. The following day, I started getting some hives and itching under my right breast. Then it got progressively worse- I got hives/rash all over my back, abdomen, chest, neck, parts of my forearms and inner thigh. I was finally advised to stop enoxaparin after being on it for 5 days. The itching has been absolutely debilitating 😣 I’ve been off of enoxaparin for about 3 days now and my hives/rash have been slowly going away with the help of hydrocortisone.

Has anyone else experienced an allergic reaction to enoxaparin like this or heard of this before? I’ve been so worried I got a covid test to at least rule that out, which came back negative.