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I have questions about twin movement. I’m 33 weeks today with DiDi twin girls & Monday my weekly NST’s/ultrasounds started however, Baby A passed & Baby B failed in a way. The tech told me that Baby A scored a 15 & Baby B scored a 10, meaning she didn’t show what they needed to see. So the on call L&D doctor told my tech to start the ultrasound to check and see if the baby is ok. So they did & they said I was ok to go home, HOWEVER, now they want to see me twice a week! I’m cool with that, these are my babies by all means, but I’m nervous because I been started feeling like baby B wasn’t as active.

There are times where I feel like I can’t tell who’s where but the tech showed me better Monday and now I know that Baby A will always be more to the left, never the right. Baby B is transverse. She hasn’t be moving to my liking and I really am eager to go to L&D because I don’t want her to be in distress and it’s too late to save her or something. Like is she possibly a lazy baby? It’s not too tight because Baby A moves like CRAZY. She literally moves all day tbh. But Baby B Moves sometimes. I don’t get it. I hate the anxiety about this.

All of my movement really happens on the left where Baby A is. & i can feel Baby B like push up her butt or back or whatever but no real movement. im nervous. i want both my babies to come into this world healthy…